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Pandaphood Outerwear Products

  • The Worlds only complete line of cashmere, bamboo apparel for Men & Women
  • 80% Bamboo and 20% Organic Cotton
  • Oeko-tex, Labor & Fair Trade certifications
  • Nature’s Cashmere...
  • 37 styles for Men & Women
  • Oeko-Tex dyes offered in a variety of colors
  • Original, handcrafted styles and designs to fit modern day outerwear styles


Stay  tuned  for  our  grand  opening  retail  store  in  the  Bay  Area  Fall  2019...

Pandaphood  Outerwear is  currently developing  an  Outwear  Camouflage  Line  for  hunting,  stay  tuned....  


“Our sustainable, 100% eco-friendly bamboo apparel has endured repetitive, industrial wash cycles for Disney and the results were astonishing.” - Jason, Pandaphood President & Founder.

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Pandaphood Outerwear  retail  store   coming  soon...

PHAQs (Phrequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where can I purchase?

A:  Pandaphood Outerwear products will be available on Amazon.com & wholesale orders can be placed through our website.

Q:  How is it made?

A:  Making bamboo apparel is a very detailed process.  The inside of bamboo is extracted, ground and blended into a ”mush” and combined with organic cottons for binding.   It’s  a scientific process that is all carried out in our USA owned facilities.

Q:  What makes Pandaphood Outerwear different  than other advertised bamboo apparel?

A:  Pandaphood Outerwear is the ONLY complete  bamboo line of Men and Women styles.

Q:  Why Pandaphood Outerwear vs other bamboo company’s?

A:  Pandaphood Outerwear is the ONLY complete  bamboo line comprised of 80% bamboo, 20% organic cotton.   Others try and emulate bamboo qualities by adding polyester, which is basically blended NON-biodegradable  plastic.

Q:  What is WWF?

A:  WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund.  A government 501 (c)3 organization that helps endangered animals all over the world.   Pandaphood Outerwear supports Pandanation and will partner with the WWF  worldwide conservation of the endangered Panda Bear.

Q: What is The Ocean Cleanup?

A:  The Ocean Cleanup is an international organization created to removing trash from our oceans and waterways.   Pandaphood Outerwear will help remove 1 lb. of trash from our oceans and waterways for each Pandaphood Outerwear item sold.

Q:  Are you taking phood (food) away from Panda Bears?

A:  Absolutely not.   There are over 300 different types of bamboo.  The reason why Panda Bears are endangered is because man is taking over Panda Bear habitat, pushing the Panda Bears into environments not suited for them.   Bamboo is technically a “grass“ weed and can grow up to 3 ft. overnight,  so there will never be a shortage of bamboo.



“The natural, green, eco-friendly textile of the 21st century”

Casual, Relax, Fitness, Sport

Bamboo Apparel

Pandaphood Outerwear is currently developing Outerwear Camouflage for hunting... 

”Pandaphood” Support to Pandas


Pandaphood supports World Wildlife Fund  & Pandanation 

Great Pacific Garbage Patch


”Global Trashing”

Pandaphood Phamily...


Pandaphood Outerwear is committed to conservation and supports, The Ocean Cleanup, The World Wildlife Fund and  Pandanation for future generations.

Bamboo Fashion


100% eco-friendly apparel for MEN and WOMEN for any occassion.

Attributes of bamboo clothing

About Bamboo

  • Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft, durable, and anti-static so it is super comfortable and doesn’t cling.
  • Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Bamboo fabric is breathable, quick-dry and wicks away moisture.  The cross-section of fiber is filled with various micro-holes and micro-gaps which provide better moisture absorption (3-4 times that of cotton) and enhanced ventilation.
  • Bamboo is naturally thermal regulating.  It is 2 to 3 degrees cooler to the touch than other fabrics, keeping us cooler and drier in the hot climates as well as warmer in cold climates.
  • Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal due to the properties of “bamboo kun” which prevents bacteria from cultivating on it.  It resists harboring odor which keeps it (and us!) naturally odor free and fresher, longer.
  • Bamboo fiber has natural UV protection.  It possesses resistance ability against the suns damaging rays, effectively blocking 80% of its’ harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • Bamboo clothing is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo Apparel

Bamboo Apparel

Men’s Pandaphood Styles

Women’s Pandaphood Styles

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For Future Generations...



Panda Bear‘s

How you can help


Global Trashing

How you can help

Giving Back

Pandaphood Outerwear will coordinate with the World Wildlife Fund and Pandanation for the worldwide preservation of Panda Bears.

Giving Back

Pandaphood Outerwear will help remove 1 lb. of trash from our oceans and waterways for every Pandaphood Outerwear item sold.

Trash Removed so far 2019:  (& counting)

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Pandaphood Outerwear

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eco-friendly, sustainable apparel for any occasion


Bamboo fabric  is nature’s cashmere

Panda’s help bamboo, let’s help pandas


Pandaphood Outerwear promotes environmental  protection of Panda Bears and will assist in the preservation of Panda Bears worldwide!

Pandaphood Phamily’s Phuture Generations...


Pandaphood Outerwear is a lifestyle brand

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Pandaphood Outerwear

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100% eco-friendly bamboo apparel

Kentfield, California, United States